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Concepts and Context - Quiz 2

Concepts and Context - Quiz 2 - 6 The pattern of political...

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Concepts and Context - Quiz    1.  Politics concerns how societies regulate               conflict over the distribution of privileges and benefits within society  2.  The Athenian model of government was considered:               the   purest form of democracy.  http://campus.queens.edu/depts/core/Core110/internet_links_for_core_110_summ.htm 3.  The U.S. Constitution creates a republican government based on               direct rule by the people  4.  Some elite theorists argue that a small, cohesive elite makes all the important decisions in America.  Other elite theorists argue that     all power rests with a privileged class   5.  Pluralist theory rests on the idea that decisions are made in American politics by               competition between groups trying to gain benefits for their members. 
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The pattern of political beliefs and attitudes characteristic of a community or population is referred to as: political culture. 7. The process by which Americans learn their political attitudes and beliefs is called political education. 8. Democracy, liberty, equality, and property are concepts that lie at the core of American political culture. 9. The ideology which believes the government should exercise the least power in both economic and social policy is Som. 10. The second largest and fastest growing ethnic group in the United States today is Hispanics...
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