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Midterm2RevisedKey - NAME SECTION(TA or Day Time...

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NAME___________________________ ________ SECTION (TA or Day & Time):                                                          CONSERVATION AND THE HUMAN PREDICAMENT MIDTERM #2 ANBI 132/ BIEB176 Strum/Woodruff SPRING 2009 Time allowed for exam is 50 minutes. This exam is worth 30% of your course grade. No calculators, open books or notes are  allowed. Students found to have violated the code of integrity will receive the grade of  FAIL in the course.  All answers must be in  ink . Answers presented in pencil cannot be re-graded.  Illegible  answers will receive no points.  Correct answers will fit in the spaces provided. In some questions the graders may  award more points for precise or specifically documented answers than for general  answers offering little more than correct and appropriate clich é s. Read the questions  carefully to help focus your answer. To preserve the atmosphere for concentration, we request that nobody leave the room in  the last ten minutes of the exam (11:40 – 11:50 am). Please, if you are finished, sit back  and relax! Please! Put your name on all five pages      NOW     .                                                                                                                 Grader use only page 2 ________/ 8 pts page 3   ________/ 11 pts page 4 ________/ 11 pts page 5 ________/ 12 pts Total score  _______/42 pts 1
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                                                                       NAME___________________________ ________       Note to graders: PLEASE READ ABOUT 30% OF YOUR EXAMS BEFORE ASSIGNING GRADES. IF YOU FIND PROBLEMS CONTACT SHIRLEY OR DAVID WITH SPECIFIC QUESTIONS BEFORE GRADING. ALSO SEE LAST PAGE ON ACRONYMS FOR HOW TO ASSIGN THE 2 POINTS. 1. Briefly describe how population genetics may contribute to the demise of small populations in isolated reserves. (2 pts) (1pt) Genetic drift, inbreeding/recessive alleles increase and genetic homogenization (limited genetic diversity), are all correct (1pt for description of one above. Example for genetic drift) Genetic drift is the change in allele frequencies in a small population from one generation to the next due to chance events. Genetic drift can alter the viability of a population by reducing the variability of
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Midterm2RevisedKey - NAME SECTION(TA or Day Time...

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