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2009 Summer I Takehome Exam Ques 2

2009 Summer I Takehome Exam Ques 2 - WARFARE AND...

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WARFARE AND VIOLENCE (ANTH/CFA 3388) SECOND QUESTION OF FINAL TAKEHOME EXAM : CASES OF WARFARE AND VIOLENCE ( DUE : M ONDAY , J ULY 6, 10 A . M . IN DLSB 131) E SSAY Q UESTION 2 (60% OF EXAM ) . After discussing theory in the first few days of the course, we have gone on to deal with (or will have dealt with by the last day of class) a number of Old World and New World societies that in one form or another practiced “Coalitional Intraspecific Aggression,” to use Wrangham’s term here. You have also read about most, if not all, of these groups in the various course texts. These societies include (or will include, assuming we can stay on schedule) the following: Pan troglodytes (or, Goodall’s chimpanzees), Egypt, Assyria, Greece , Macedonia, Rome, the Santa Valley (Peru), Moche, Classic Maya, Toltecs and Post-classic Maya, Incas, Aztecs, and (still coming up, depending on how many more groups we can deal with in the remaining days of the
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