HW2prob2 - % & -48) from...

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Sheet1 Page 1 clear clc %========================================================================== % PROBLEM 2. Indexing Vectors %-------------------------------------------------------------------------- % % You are given a vector "vec", defined as: vec = [45 8 2 6 98 55 45 -48 75] % In a brief moment of insanity you decide that you don't like even numbers. % Write the Matlab commands to remove all of the even numbers (ie, 8,2,6,98,
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Unformatted text preview: % & -48) from "vec". You should alter the vector "vec" rather than storing % your answer in a new variable. Remember, don't use direct entry. Your % code should perform some operations on the vector "vec". You may (but are % not required to) use more than one line of code to solve the problem. Sheet1 Page 2 mask = [true false false false false true true false true] vec = vec(mask)...
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HW2prob2 - % & -48) from...

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