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structFromCell - Notes there will be no nested cell arrays...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % Problem Statment: % % Write a function named structFromCell that takes in a cell array and % returns a structure constructed from the cell array. The elements in % the odd indexes of the cell array should determine the field name and % the elements in the even indexes should be the values cooresponding to % the field (element) from the previous index. % % Cell Array Format: {'fieldname1', value1, 'fieldname2', value2, ...}
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Unformatted text preview: ..} % % Notes: % - there will be no nested cell arrays within the cell array (ex. % {'fred',{'george'}}) % - you may *not* use the MATLAB built in function struct() % - you may assume that a value will be given for every field name % (i.e.) the length of the cell array will be even % function str = stuctFromCell(ca) str = for index = 1:2:length(ca) str = setfield(str,ca{index},ca{index+1}) end...
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