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Sheet1 Page 1 %Write a function called myCSVread which takes in a filename and returns a %cell array containing the doubles and chars from the file. Each value %will be seperated by commas. This function should work as the reverse of %myCSVwrite. %Hint: str2num returns an empty vector if there are character's in a string %that cannot be converted to a double. function output = myCSVread(filename) fid = fopen(filename,'r')
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Unformatted text preview: ca = fread(fid) C = x = 1 y = 1 for i = 1:length(ca) if ca(i) == 44 y = y + 1 C = elseif ca(i) == 10 x = x + 1 C = y = 1 else C = [C, ca(i)] output{x,y} = char(C) end end [rows, cols] = size(output) for x = 1:rows for y = 1:cols if isempty(str2num(output{x,y})) == 1 output{x,y} = output{x,y} else output{x,y} = str2num(output{x,y}) end end end fclose(fid)...
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