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GROUP COMPOSITION REPORT and CONTRACT The rules of the exercise: 1. No one may talk until all group members have finished reading The Rules of the Exercise. 2. Once everyone on your group is finished reading the rules, your group should elect (or one group member should volunteer to serve as) the recorder to complete this document. 3. Your group as a whole must answer each of the following questions. The recorder will keep notes of how the group and/or group members answer each question. However, when answering questions addressed to the group as a whole (e.g., Questions # 4, and the questions listed in the Group Contract), the recorder may not write down any answers until each group member has spoken on the question. 4. Once any one person has spoken on a question, s/he may not speak on it again until all other group members have also spoken at least once on the question. (One group member should take on the role of keeping track of this.) 5. You may not have time to finish all the questions. That’s okay, just get as many answered as possible. The contract, which is the last page of this document, must be completed and handed in to the lab instructor on the day of Lab 5.
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