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Lab Section  Monday  . Case Worksheet #1: Motivation and Incentive Systems This case worksheet is worth a total of 50 points and counts as 5% of your final course grade.  It pertains  to two readings: “The Art of Motivation” and “The Best Laid Incentive Plans”.  Both are posted on  Blackboard  in the same folder as this worksheet.  You must answer all of the questions below using  theories, concepts, etc. covered in this course.  Please type your answer to each question in the space  below each question.   Note: the blank space provided below each question should give you an idea of about how long your  answers should be (using 11 point Arial font).  If you need more space to answer a particular question,  you may enlarge the space, but please try to keep your responses as concise as possible. 1. (12 points) Refer to either of the two readings to give ONE example of what Expectancy Theory  “looks like” in action.  In other words, use Expectancy Theory to explain one instance of the  presence (or absence) of motivation at Nucor or Rainbarrel.   Be sure to accurately state the  components of the theory, and make explicit connections between the particulars of your example and  the components of the theory. Expectancy Theory can be aptly illustrated using the example of NUCOR, a steel refinery. As a tool for motivation, Nucor actually reduced employee base pay yet, at the same time, managed to raise both revenue and profits. This is accomplished through a strong sense of expectancy, instilled by Nucor’s corporate culture. Bonuses are actually paid, as promised, based upon increased
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Motivation.CaseWorksheet.Master - Lab Section Monday Case...

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