BUSLAW class 25th - Greetings class Wed you are to do a paper that reflects on the transaction you have chosen to study You did the paper on the

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Greetings class, Wed, you are to do a paper that reflects on the transaction you have chosen to study. You did the paper on the categories. Now, look at your transaction thru the lense of what it takes to make a Legally Enforceable Contract. So far, we have discussed Agreement and Consideration. Define who the parties are; who in your transaction is the offeror and who is the offeree? There are multiple parties involved with the transactions of Boundary Bay. I will focus on the customer-business aspects. Boundary Bay offers goods (food and drink) to the customer. The customer is the offeree in this situation. They are offered food and drink, along with the service of preparation and transportation of food/ beverage. The customer then either accepts or rejects this offer (by not ordering). If they reject the offer, then there is no contract. However, if the customer accepts these offerings, thus becoming the acceptor, then there is a contract. Boundary Bay promises to provide their
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