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nutrition debate due 11-29

nutrition debate due 11-29 - will result in weight loss...

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Note: This nutrition debate is in chapter 16 on pages 610-11. Considering the potential benefits of calorie restriction, do you think it is worth following this type of diet? Remember you must discuss this issue fully, and provide authoritative facts to support your opinion. Calorie restriction is a great way to lose or maintain weight. It is ideal for either overweight people (active or not) or people with a sedentary lifestyle. For me, only loose calorie restriction is necessary. Being a pretty active 20 year old (with a fairly high metabolism), I don’t find it necessary to restrict or count calories. However, I am of a quasi-health-conscious mindset. Therefore, I typically limit my meals to three a day or the equivalent. Also, I try to limit the amount of fat I consume, since lipids contain so much more energy per gram than either carbohydrates or protein. Nutrition is the main concern with calorie reduction. It is true that reducing calorie intake
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Unformatted text preview: will result in weight loss. However, vitamins and minerals are also reduced since the amount of food consumed is reduced. It becomes even more important to consume nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits and especially vegetables, but also fats. Vitamins supplements are also an option, but are not ideal. This is because vitamins and minerals interact synergistically. The human body may not be able to utilize everything in the supplement. For example, vitamin A must be dissolved in fat, since they are absorbed from the small intestines, along with dietary fat. Fluid intake should be adequate in order for the body to properly absorb water-soluble vitamins. A reduction in calories does not necessarily mean that one will eat less; vegetables can be better incorporated into the diet to replace other foods. Protein and B-complex vitamin intake must be adequate, nonetheless. http://www.faqs.org/nutrition/Smi-Z/Vitamins-Fat-Soluble.html...
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