Week 1- Assignment 2

Week 1- Assignment 2 - 1 Week 1 Discussion Questions...

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Week 1 Discussion Questions Chapter 1 1. A great manager must have good planning, organizing, leading, and controlling abilities. They must be motivated and be able to motivate others. A good manager also rethinks their approach to accommodate change. Being self-reliant is also a must. A good manager also works well with people and uses resources to accomplish goals, both efficiently and effectively. 2. In the past, I have worked with an ineffective manager. I was working at a privately owned pizzeria. The manager was actually the owner as well, which may have contributed to the ineffectiveness of her managing. She tried to do too many things at once, which led to her being overwhelmed. Her panic also led her employees to work less efficiently. Consequently, she lost her business. 3. The internet affects my daily life in a number of ways. An obvious example is this online class. Using a computer and an internet connection, I can complete virtually any task that I would in a classroom. I can communicate with my teacher via e-mail or chat instantaneously. Research is at the tips of my fingers; I
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Week 1- Assignment 2 - 1 Week 1 Discussion Questions...

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