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1/5/2007 PE 1DL PE 108/208-Independent Fitness FITNESS PLAN WORKSHEET 1. What physical activities are you currently doing for the following (specify activity, frequency, intensity, time and how long you’ve been working out)? a. Flexibility Training I am not currently participating in any type of flexibility training; I simply stretch when I am sore, or before I do any strenuous activity, such as snowboard. b. Cardio Training Currently, I do not do any cardio training. I haven’t done any cardio training for 3 months, since I quit my gym membership and moved. c. Resistance Training I occasionally do some weight lifting at home with free- weights. I have a set of dumbbells with adjustable weights (5 to 52.5 lbs.). Typically, I will do a set of bicep curls (3 sets of 10 at 30 lbs, 35, 40) and then the same set of bicep hammers. I also do shoulder raises (3 sets 10 at 5, 10, 15 lbs). I also regularly do pushups every-other day (3 sets 50 spaced throughout the day). Sometimes I do lunges and squats, usually with my dumbbells (3 sets of 10 52.5). I lifted weights regularly for about a year during my senior year of HS (3 yrs. ago); I have been sporadically lifting ever since. Hopefully this class will help me get back into the habit! 2. What physical activities do you particularly enjoy doing? Right now, I enjoy snowboarding about once a week. During the summer I like to surf and wakeboard, and occasionally run and swim. I also enjoy hiking.
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Part 2—Workout Plan Please read the entire contents of the Principles for Developing your
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Fitness Plan - PE 1DL PE 108/208-Independent Fitness...

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