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Sam Niskanen Ethics Case The ethics case I chose to write about is about the chief executive at Boeing quitting due to criticism. Phillip M. Condit resigned December 1, 2003. The Boeing Company has had its reputation tarnished by charges of ethical misconduct. Another senior executive, Michael M. Sears, was the chief financial officer. Dealings over a proposed $20 billion contract to supply refueling tankers to the Air Force are being investigated, with claims that Boeing is receiving financial gain at the expense of taxpayers. Boeing has also been penalized for stealing documents for Lockheed Martin, a close competitor. The fact that the CEO of Boeing resigned under criticisms makes him look guilty, to me. If he had nothing to hide then he should have no reason to resign. There has to be some wrong-doing on his part that he doesn’t want publicized. However, if he was at fault, he did the right thing by resigning and saving face. It seems likely that Boeing threatened to fire Condit, with the choice to resign. There are even bigger military programs on the line according to the article, “a
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