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unit 1 disc Q - more appealing 1.2 brought up the hectic...

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The topic of lecture 1.1 was interesting. I got the implication that the Japanese were better workers, which may be true. Corruption also seemed to be a topic. According to the lecture, American CEOs tend to favor money and show no disgrace. I don't think that this is always true, but the news makes me feel as though it is. I personally agree with hard work and instant satisfaction, which can be achieved through things such as bonuses. Maybe the Japanese disagree with this, but I think that it works. Personally, the Japanese style makes a career sound a bit like a prison sentence. Job freedom sounds
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Unformatted text preview: more appealing. 1.2 brought up the hectic schedule and sacrifice that they must endure. I think that managers have much work to do, and they always seem busy. However, controlling a work environment and succeeding in making it better sounds very rewarding, especially if you manage your own business. It sounds as if personality plays a large role in management. Political risks seem to be a major part of business. Of course, image is everything. It makes sense to me that multinational corporations use resources to positively impact a foreign country where business is to be done....
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