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Week 2- Assignment 3 - as a free game with the purchase of...

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Assignment 3 BUSAD223 1/17/2007 1. The major problem facing Wallingford Bowling center is low net income. The amount of revenue coming in is relatively close to the cost of operational expenses. As stated in the case, operating costs cannot be cut as the place is now. Operating expenses are tied to hours of operation. Therefore, the bowling alley could cut costs by changing their hours of operation. Operating during peak times, when there are more customers at one time, would help to keep revenue somewhat the same and drastically cut operating expenses, as well as reduce salary expenses. An alternative would be to increase sales in other areas, such as the restaurant and bar. This would be done by enticing customers with deals such
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Unformatted text preview: as a free game with the purchase of a pitcher of beer. Bringing in bowling teams from the outside is another option. Perhaps hosting tournaments that include other outside bowling leagues, after all, they have 48 lanes. The biggest change would be to change hours of operation. The bowling center operates at full capacity on Sun- Thurs nights from 6 p.m. till midnight. 2. As general manager of this company, I would utilize part-time employees. If hours were reduced, there would be the opportunity to reduce the number of employees. Fulltime shift managers could manage part-time employees. Younger, more youthful staff would also help to increase company profits, especially in the restaurant and bar....
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