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unit 4 questions - Isaac Newton The shape of sunspots is...

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Astronomers can figure out the Sun's temperature and composition through analysis of the solar spectrum. Absorption lines can be used from a spectroscopy to determine composition. Each element is responsible for a different set of absorption lines throughout the spectra. Spectral lines are due to temperature, so temperature can be seen through them, as well. "Stellar spectroscopy is today used to determine a multitude of properties of stars: their distance, age, luminosity and rate of mass loss can all be estimated from spectral studies, and Doppler shift studies can uncover the presence of hidden companions such as black holes and exoplanets," (Wikipedia). Also, the composition of colors can be seen through the use of a prism, as first observed by Sir
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Unformatted text preview: Isaac Newton. The shape of sunspots is evidence that they are caused by the Sun's magnetic field. Also, sun spots tend to move in cycles that demonstrate the magnetic field is being wound up and released, like a spring. The Zeeman effect also demonstrates that sun spots are due to magnetic fields, since sun spots come in pairs, apparently one of each polarity. And, thanks to George Ellery Hale, we have the spectroheliograph which allows us to view the magnetic field of a sun spot. The theory of twisting magnetic fields is supported by sun spots. Sun spots are the center of twisting magnetic fields where surrounding gases are repelled by the strong magnetism of the spots, giving them a much darker appearance....
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