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Chapter 5: Codes and Related Provisions Brisbane City Plan 2000 —Volume 2 Chapter 5, page 115 Industrial Design Code 1 Application This Code will apply in assessing a material change of use and/or building work for industry, warehouse, emergency services or utility installation. 2 Using this Code In using this Code reference should also be made to Section 1.1—How to use the Codes, at the front of this Chapter. When this Code is listed in a level of assessment table in Chapter 3 or a Local Plan in Chapter 4 as an Applicable Code for code assessment or Relevant Code for impact assessment : the Code is to be read as being the Purpose, Performance Criteria and Acceptable Solutions a Local Plan may include a Code that may vary or include additional Purposes, Performance Criteria or Acceptable Solutions. Section 4.1 applies to all development Section 4.2 applies only to sites fronting an arterial road, a suburban access road or a limited access arterial road. Section 4.3 applies only to: a Light Industry Area a General Industry Area or Heavy Industry Area within 150m of a sensitive receiving environment. List of ‘secondary’ Codes When this Code is used in code assessment the following Codes are termed 'secondary' Codes and form part of this 'primary' Code. When this Code is used in impact assessment the following list should be considered as providing a guide to other Codes that may also be used in assessing the proposal: Acid Sulfate Soil Biodiversity Gas and Oil Pipeline Landscaping Non–discriminatory Access and Use Park Planning and Design Services, Works and Infrastructure Stormwater Management Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Waste Water Management Waterway Wetland. Note: although not considered as part of the development application, all lighting and illumination will need to comply with the Civil Aviation Regulation 1994. Glossary Site Cover : the proportion of the site (expressed as a percentage) covered by buildings or structures measured to the outermost projections, and car and service vehicle parking, loading and servicing areas (excluding manoeuvring areas and aisles). 3 Purpose The purpose of this Code is to: facilitate the development of appropriately designed premises for industry ensure that the impacts of industrial premises are within acceptable limits, particularly in prominent locations ensure that industrial buildings near residential and other sensitive areas can accommodate a range of industrial uses without unacceptable impacts on the amenity of those areas ensure industrial development is designed to cater for the social and environmental needs of persons working within or visiting these areas, including personal safety. 4
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Chapter5_IndustrialDesign_Code - Industrial Design Code 1...

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