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Photosynthesis and Plants

Photosynthesis and Plants - lost Important for human...

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Oxygen o Photosynthesis is the source of all atmospheric oxygen on the planet. o Without it, multi-celled organisms would not have arisen o Ozone Shields the earth from the most intense UV radiation Allowed evolution of terrestrial life onto the land Would not be present without oxygen "Sink" for CO2 Jobs of plants o In the biosphere Food Plants convert solar energy into energy-rich molecules that serve as the basis of almost all life on the planet Produce essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and other antioxidants and phytochemicals Source of many essential elements in out diet Circulate nutrients throughout the atmosphere Water cycle Generate rich soil and work to anchor it - work as a buffer against wind and water Pollution remediation Phytoremediation: when plants are used as the agents of remediation Can be used to clean up pollutants from land, water, and the atmosphere o In human civilization Shading and evaporative cooling Important on a global scale - desertification when vegetation is
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Unformatted text preview: lost Important for human environments - shading of houses, shading and evaporative cooling of outdoor spaces • Provide informational on environmental and human-induced change • The driving force of evolution • Provide a habitat for a multitude of animals • Are a source of materials Plastics from fossil fuels Source of fuel and energy Medicines and poisons Provide the ingredients for perfumes, lotions, oils, etc Used for religious purposes Aesthetic value and jewelry • Model organisms Used for research and as sources of genetic information Many basic processes can be studied in plants rather than, or in addition to, animals Study Guide • Ecosystems and the cycling of energy, materials, and nutrients between producers and consumers • Be able to recognize the principal roles of plants for the biosphere and human civilization...
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Photosynthesis and Plants - lost Important for human...

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