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Dr. Diana R. Nemergut General Biology, Final Exam Study Guide You are responsible for all material presented in class (found on notes from each lecture). I highly recommend reading the relevant chapters and the two other posted readings to help reinforce material from lecture. I also recommend sitting down with the lecture notes and re-writing them into your own words. Do not concentrate on memorizing particular phrases from lectures; instead try to make sure that you UNDERSTAND the material by putting concepts into your own words. If you have trouble with this, turn to the reading to clarify concepts. Specifically: 1. Know all vocabulary words from all lectures 2. Understand the difference between lytic and lysogenic reproduction in phages 3. Understand the difference between conjugation, transformation and transduction in bacteria 4. Understand the ingredients and steps involved in DNA sequencing and PCR: What are ddNTPs, dNTPS, and primers for? What is Taq DNA polymerase enzyme? What happens during the steps of denaturation, annealing and
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