12-4-07 Expansion and War

12-4-07 Expansion and War - Expansion and War and the Final...

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Expansion and War and the Final Solution 1. Hitler’s plan 1. The Reichs 1. 1 st – 800-1815 the Holy Roman Empire 2. 2 nd – 1870 Kaiser Wilhelm I and Kaiser Wilhelm II 3. 3 rd – 1933 Hitler 2. 1937 – Hitler announces his plans to control Europe 1. Sudetenland 1. Southern Czechoslovakia 2. Filled with German descendants that Hitler wants to incorporate into his empire 2. March 1938 1. German troops enter Austria and create the Anschluss: the unity of Germany and Austria 2. Will give Hitler easier access into the Sudetenland 3. Summer 1938 – Hitler invades the Sudetenland 4. September 1938 – Munich Appeasement 1. The British and the French are trying to buy time to avoid another war 2. Appeasement gave Hitler what he wanted in hopes of maintaining peace 5. March 1939 1. Hitler takes all of Czechoslovakia 2. Great Britain and France issue a guarantee 1. Should other European countries be invaded, Britain and France will come to their aid 2. Did not send this promise whole-heartedly – neither country had rearmed sufficiently from WWI to aid anyone 3. Nazi-Soviet Pact
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1. Both countries pledged that they would not intercede if aggression took
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12-4-07 Expansion and War - Expansion and War and the Final...

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