11-13-07 European Revolution

11-13-07 European Revolution - European Revolution 1...

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European Revolution 1. Russian Revolution 1. Revolutions 1. March 1917 – Overthrow of the Tsar 1. Petrograd soviet 2. Provisional government 1. Controlled by conservative members of the Duma 2. Kerensky = leader 2. November 1917 – Bolshevik Revolution 1. Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional government 2. Establish a socialist regime in Russia 2. Social Democrats – Marxist 1. Bolsheviks (majority) 1. Lead by Lenin – smuggled into Russia by the Germans to get Russia to pull out of the war 2. Given the name of the “majority” in an effort to push his party forward 3. Lenin wanted fast revolution 1. Plans for his party to lead the revolution and control the resulting government 2. Wants a down-sized party – not too many allies 3. Eventually rule as a communist dictator 2. Mensheviks (minority) 1. Similar to the German social democratic party 1. Willing to wait for the revolution 2. Open to having many allies 2. More democratic thinkers – very inclusive 3. 1918-1922 – Civil War
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1. Lasted until the Bolsheviks defeated 2. Between two groups 1. “Whites” and the 1. Anti-Bolshevik forces 2. Made up of multiple groups 3. Made it hard to find common ground other than wanting to get rid of the Bolsheviks 2. “Reds” 1. Bolsheivks lead by the military leader Trotsky 2. Very disciplined and unified forces 4. USSR 1. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 2. A result of the Bolsheviks’ win in the Civil War 3. Led by Lenin 4. Little distinction between parties and government 5. The NEP 1. National Economic Plan 2. Farmers would be allowed to sell their products on the market 1. Was an incentive for them to move food from the countryside to the cities
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11-13-07 European Revolution - European Revolution 1...

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