10-30-07 WWI

10-30-07 WWI - World War I 1. Bismarck's System, 1871-1890...

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World War I 1. Bismarck’s System, 1871-1890 1. Peace 1. Germany is satiated 2. Bismarck wants Germany to be able to enjoy all that they have gained – no more war! 3. This means: 1. Consolidating German gains 2. Isolating France 1. French want revenge because Germany took French provinces 2. Germany encourages France to colonize outside of Europe in an effort to keep them occupied with something else 3. Needs to keep France from forming allies 1. Possibility of an alliance with Austria 2. Austria-Hungary becomes a single empire 2. A Trois 1. Bismarck creates the Three Emperor’s League 1. An alliance based on the fact that the German, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian empires are monarchies 2. One will stay neutral in light of war of the others 2. Bismarck’s alliances are always flexible – He always wants to be among 3 of the great 5 European empires 3. No Balkan Engagement 1. Bismarck does not want Russia or Austria-Hungary to pull Germany into a war with the Balkans 2. Believes the “Balkans are not worth the bones of a German soldier” 4. Civilian Control 1. Says that foreign policy will rest with him, and him alone
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2. He won’t let military officials touch foreign policy 3. Wants complete freedom of action 4. 1877 – Russia leaves the alliance 1. Bismarck needs them back 2. 1879 – The Dual Alliance 1. Austria-Hungary and Germany 2. A defensive alliance 1. If either is attacked by a third power, they will come to the aid of the other 2. They will not support an attack by one of the partners on another country 3. 1882 – The Triple Alliance (Italy joins) 4. 1881 – The Reinsurance Treaty 1. Flexible and defensive 2. Bismarck’s plan to keep a Franco-Russian alliance from forming 3. Puts at bay the idea of a dual front war 1. France on the west 2. Russia on the east 2. Wilhelmine New Course 1. Wilhelm II comes to power and dismisses Bismarck 2. Weltpolitik 1. “World politics” 2. Policy that consists of the declaration on any occasion that Germany is a great power, the equal of the British empire 3. Germany needs to exercise its power and influence on the rest of the world
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10-30-07 WWI - World War I 1. Bismarck's System, 1871-1890...

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