10-16-07 Nationalism

10-16-07 Nationalism - 4. Early on = liberating. Later =...

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Nationalism 1. Nationalism 1. Unification of people with the same language, ethnicity, and/or heritage 1. Italy – Comprised of many units that do not work together 2. Germany – Broken up into many kingdoms, principalities, and cities 3. Colonialism 1. Africa, Asia, Middle East 2. People want their own independence and national sovereignty 2. Needs notions of popular sovereignty 3. Binds the people to their government
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Early on = liberating. Later = destruction WWI 2. Liberal Nationalism 1792-1860 Inclusive 3. Ethnic/Linguistic Nationalism 1860-1918 Exclusive 4. Revolutions of 1848 1. Prussia 1. Frederick William appoints Otto von Bismark as Chancellor 2. Gives him the conditions that will allow Prussia to lead the other German states...
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