The French Revolution

The French Revolution - The French Revolution I) A...

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The French Revolution I) A political collapse in France II) Causes A) Aristocratic Revolution – 1788 1) They want a way to curb the power of the monarch – a system of checks 2) Louis cannot tax the nobility or the clergy on their land – they own 45% of all land, and he doesn’t want to tax the bourgeois 3) Goes to the Parliaments (the Law Court) of Paris (a) Asks the nobility to tax itself (b) Nobility agrees if Louis will call on the Estates-General (i) Has not been called on since 1614 (ii) Made up of representatives from each class (iii) Decisions are made based on a 2-1 vote Generally the Aristocracy and the Clergy ganged up on the Bourgoise Bourgeois wants change To double the size of the third estate representation in the Estates General Wants all three estates to meet together instead of being separated by estate (c) Louis calls for a reform of the nobility’s taxing privileges B) Bourgeois Revolution – 1789 1) They want aristocratic positions to be open for talent 2) Would like to abolish the privileges that the nobility posess 3) Results (a) Equality under the law – will include women for a while (b) A Constitution is made to determine where power lies – with the people (c) A declaration – The Notions of Rights of Man and Citizen (d) A Constitutional Monarchy (i) King becomes known as the First Citizen of the nation (ii) The people are the driving force 4) Estates General meets in Versailles (a) May of 1789 (b) Location (i) 12 miles from Paris (ii) Will keep the people of Paris out of the way (iii) Also chosen to intimidate members of the third estate – upper
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The French Revolution - The French Revolution I) A...

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