The Ancien Regime

The Ancien Regime - Ancien Regime Old Regime (1660-1789) A)...

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Unformatted text preview: Ancien Regime Old Regime (1660-1789) A) Political 1) Absolutism France, Austria, Russia, Prussia (a) Characterized as a struggle between nobility and the monarch (b) France (i) 1660 Louis XIV comes of age to rule (ii) Louis declares he will be the sole ruler of France as determined by divine right (iii) He takes away the power of the nobles but still allows them all their privileges They retain their titles They are exempt from being taxed (iv) He appoints a staff of administrators Not nobles, but educated professional class people upper middle class or Bourgeois Louis makes them into the Nobility of the Robe Nobility of the Sword (old nobility) looks down on them To keep the Nobility of the Sword out of the way, they were required to stay at Versailles for a good portion of the year Here he could keep an eye on them and make sure they wouldnt turn against him They would be out of the way of the Nobility of the Robe (v) Louis takes from the nobles the right to create private armies (c) Russia (i) Peter the Great pushed Russia into an absolute monarchy (ii) Catherine the Great takes over and continues on with Peters work 2) Constitutional Monarchy Great Britain (a) 1640s Civil War between religious groups (i) Puritans support Parliament (ii) Anglicans support the King (b) Parliament wins and beheads the king Oliver Cromwell takes over (c) Cromwell dies and his son takes over, but he is ineffective and the Aristocracy kicks him out (d) Gentry and nobility restore England (i) Church (ii) Monarchy (iii) Parlaiment (iv) Put Charles II in power (e) Charles dies and is succeeded by his brother James II (i) Exposed his own Catholicism and his desire for his subjects to convert (ii) Parliament allows it because James has no sons to succeed him only Prodestant daughters (iii) 1688 James wife gives birth to a son who is baptized as a Catholic (f) The Glorious Revolution 1688 (i)...
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The Ancien Regime - Ancien Regime Old Regime (1660-1789) A)...

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