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E con 102B: M icroeconomic T heory Professor David Malueg Winter 2008 Office: 3136 Sproul Hall Telephone: 827–1494 Office hours: 9:45–10:45 TR Email: david.malueg@ucr.edu and by appointment Class Time: 8:10–9:30 am TR Class Room: B118 Bourns Hall Discussion section: you must enroll in one of the 6 sections associated with this course. Required Text: Microeconomics , 6th ed., by R. Pindyck and D. Rubinfeld Recommended Text: Study Guide , to accompany the above text iLearn: additional material will be posted on the iLearn site. All students should be sure they are included in the iLearn roster for this class. Grading: first exam, 35%; final exam (cumulative), 50%; discussion section, 15%. Exams missed without a legitimate excuse get a score of zero. You should have a calculator to use during exams. Calculators on phones are not allowed. Prerequisites: Econ 102a Course Description: This course is to provide you with the economic tools you will need in any upper level microeconomics course and to develop your analytical skills and economic intuition. The unifying themes are optimization, equilibrium, and welfare. These themes are developed as a
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102b%20syllabus-W08 - Econ 102B: Microeconomic Theory...

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