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1 1 ACCT3102 Course Overview 2 Lecture outline: Course overview Final exam information Discussion of wks 5 – 12 Confirm questions from practice exam paper to be worked though in week 13 Lecture: Agricultural activities and Climate Change 3 Final Exam Information: 2 hours + 10 minutes perusal Writing during perusal is permitted (THIS MEANS ONLY ON EXAM PAPER, NOT ON ANSWER SHEET) Therefore, do not waste time! Start your exam during perusal Questions are listed in order of difficulty to assist this process Time and date (check final timetable to confirm details): Monday 22 June @ 2:30pm St Lucia Venues = Exhibition Hall (building 27A) and Lecture Theatre (27A) Ipswich Venue = 6212-116 4 Final Exam Information: Annuity tables and present value tables are provided Calculators with alpha numeric text storage facilities are not allowed Show all working and assumptions (for the allocation of part marks) Closed book exam (i.e. standards handbook is not allowed). If reference to detailed paragraphs from standards is required, these paragraphs will be reproduced on the exam paper). 5 Final Exam Information: Weighting = 65% of final grade, and there are 65 marks on paper. Eight questions: Answer all questions 4 multiple choice (3 worth 3 mks; 1 worth 2 marks). 4 problem type questions Largest problem = 20 mks Smallest problem = 8 mks Very practical (e.g. prepare journal entries, calculate, identify correct accounting treatment) 6 Final Exam Information: Coverage: Lectures 5 to 11 are assessable The following lectures are assessable:
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This note was uploaded on 07/07/2009 for the course ACCT 3102 taught by Professor Drk.herbohn during the Three '09 term at Queensland.

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ACCT3102%20Course%20Overview%202009%20-%20handouts -...

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