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MUSB 1305 – Lecture notes – Management – 7/1/09 -”The axis on which the wheel turns” - managers have to deal with all aspects of an artist's career (label, publisher, publicist, charities, film/TV, attorney, booking agent, business manager/accountant, etc) -The manager is an employee of the artist. -Manager's main job is to give advice and guidance and handle “nuts and bolts”, gathering information and explaining to artist. Traits and skills a manager should posses: 1) (be able to) recognize talent
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Unformatted text preview: 2) (be the) #1 fan/believe in their potential 3) shared goals 4) honesty and integrity 5) very organized 6) creativity 7) inform decisions 8) skilled communicator 9) skilled negotiator-As an artist, you want a manager with contacts in the industry. → it is a long-term commitment -#1 mistake is telling the artist what to do rather than suggesting-#2 mistake is saying something sucks Examples of creative input → setlist, visuals, audience reaction, album artwork, etc....
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