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Notes_7_6_09 - -ability to delegate-be available for...

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MUSB 1305 – lecture notes – management, continued – 7/6/09 Review Manager works for the artist (manager: employee, artist: employer) Test question → traits and skills a manager should have (from last lecture) -important for manager to have contacts in the industry (or up-and-coming manager + up-and- coming artist) -solicited vs unsolicited material -understand and get to know the business
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Unformatted text preview: -ability to delegate-be available for artist-long-term commitment Compensation-15-25% commission (usually 20%) of gross income-sliding scale/milestones How to get a record or publishing contract (or manager) 1) contacts 2) the demo (put your best song/most radio-friendly song first) 3) showcases 4) buzz - “bs factor” - (social networking, etc)...
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