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Unformatted text preview: Survey of the Music Business – Review Test – 26 questions Questions 1. The music business is an equal opportunity employer, there is no discrimination based on race or gender – T/F 2. What is Life of Copyright? 3. What is the current statutory mechanical rate? 4. ASCAP and BMI are referred to as: 5. What is a synchronization license? 6. Songs (Compositions) make money in many different ways, name 2 different ways- 7. Publishers- Indie Publishers vs Major publishers 8. Types of publishing deals- 9. BMI was founded by: 10. Briefly describe a 50/50 publishing deal (co-pub deal) 11. What is a major factor for creating a hit song? 12. If a writer/composer signs a musing publishing deal early in their career before they are well known, they are more than likely to receive a large advance – T/F 13. A writer/composer is not allowed to own any share of their copyright if they sign a publishing contract and receive a large advance – T/F 14. It is in the best interest of the writer/composer to sell publishing contracts to more than one 14....
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