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Test 1 Formulas - STAT 3704 Engineering Method 1 Define...

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STAT 3704 Engineering Method 1. Define Problem 2. Postulate Important Factors 3. Formulate Working Model (formula) 4. Collect Data using experiment 5. Estimate working model (use data) 6. Determine Important Factors, test model 7. Revise working model 8. Collect Additional Data to confirm model 9. Repeat 2-8 if no model found Efficient and methodical procedure for solving engineering problems and developing models Population : set of all possible observations of interest for a problem at hand Data Collection 1. Purpose of study 2. Characteristics of interest 3. Measurement of characteristic of interest 4. Presumed engineering model 5. Parameters of interest (unknown values) 6. Physical constraints Methods of Collection 1. Retrospective study- data already exists 2. Observational study- minimally interacting with environment 3. Design of experiment Sampling Techniques Simple Random Sampling- each object has same probability of being chose Stratified Random Sampling- each object w/in group has same …..
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