Chapter 12 Extra Practice

Chapter 12 Extra Practice - Chapter Twelve Extra Practice...

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Chapter Twelve Extra Practice Problems 1. The yellow light given off by a sodium vapor lamp has a wavelength of 589 nm. What is the frequency of this radiation? 5.09 x 10 14 s -1 2. A laser used to weld detached retinas produces radiation with a frequency of 4.69 x 10 14 s -1 . What is the wavelength, in nm, of this radiation? 640. nm 3. Calculated the smallest increment of energy (that is, the quantum of energy) that an object can absorb from yellow light whose wavelength is 589 nm. E = 3.37 x 10 -19 J 4. A laser that emits light energy in pulses of short duration has a frequency of 4.69 x 10 14 s -1 and deposits 1.3 x 10 -2 J of energy during each pulse. How many quanta of energy does each pulse deposit? (Hint: First calculate the energy of one quantum of this frequency.) 4.2 x 10 16 quanta 5. How many subshells are in n = 4? Label each subshell and determine how many orbitals are in each. There are four subshells in the fourth shell, corresponding to the four possible values of l (0, 1, 2, 3). The subshells are labeled 4 s , 4 p , 4 d , and 4 f . The number given in the designation of the subshell is the principle quantum number, n . The following letter designates the value of l . There is one 4 s orbital. There are three 4 p orbitals, five 4 d orbitals, and seven 4 f orbitals. 6. What do we mean when we say that energy is quantized? Quantization means that energy can be absorbed or emitted only in specific amounts or multiples of this amount. This minimum amount of energy is equal to a constant times the frequency of the radiation absorbed or emitted. 7. A high-powered laser is pulsed for a period of 100 ns. During that time, it emits a signal with a total energy of 8300 J. If the wavelength of the signal is 351 nm, how many photons have been emitted?
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Chapter 12 Extra Practice - Chapter Twelve Extra Practice...

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