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Chem. 1310 Fall2005 Exam I Pink I l./. . rr <?V SectionNumber Name l\'/ t All questions worth 5 points each 1. In an experiment carried out under room conditions of temperature and pressure, 20.7 mL of R2 (g) reacts completely with 62.1 mL of oxygen (O2 (S)) to produce 4l .4 mL of a pure gaseous oxide of R. R is a hlpothetical atom. Assume ideal gas behaviol. The ratio of R atoms to O atoms in the product mustbe Rz h) * o, n + Kn o/n, 4- ll a.3:l 'J ,- a /,./ ,, . JaTn / 62 /,.rn /, /t''/.t" L b. 1:1 .fnrr" 3 7 Kzrl) , sc' (j) - 2 Kn om Ta/uio*u /t=/ Trtu-3 2. The empirical formula for a hydrocarbon is found to be CHz. In a separate experiment, the molar mass is determined to be approximately Il2 gmol-r. The number of hydrogen atoms in the molecular formula of the hvdrocarbon is therefore -%/h,/ /h :rf d.20 (r'r+r)n : tr'lo/az /4nts /' . .1 ;i- -, / -\ (r/)n: //jhh'/ /cp.)r o/< Q 4/ b.26 c.29 d.54 4. If 8.55x 10-'molof anunknowncompoundhasamassof 0.l3Tg,thecompoundcouldbe M -- r-r (6 tlr'4 // b. CzHo 3O c. CrHs /? d. c+Hro Sg How many electrons does the species 57Fe3+ have? " ;7 "'"/0")"" /r, rl /t,''t4,' < n/"a /7, roes me sp --/ { ,11' '26 ,', /te* /o^t 2-? 3 n ru -3- o,/fl2 --|. /4 /4 /)l ^ - L/ ,ru'/ -/ a Page2 of7
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Chem. 131 0 Fall2005 Exam I Pink 5. Ifthe ,*oiodKzoz(s) &*orrr-{*ot1*1* ior(r),isbalancedusingsmallestinteger coeffrcients, and these-coeffrcients are interpretedas-moles, what is the total mass of the reactants? a t28s A/zzL / Z ilrO .-> /Kf// r ox b. 146 g , ;;; e Grr?//rtt) r' 2 (rrtri/) : ls 6. Which ofthe following formulas would be predicted for a compound between aluminum and "gfl''v^v^v "// i" i* u (guaftn/tz "-). cx"/* t3 @ o le 6r il /;,o/'''t' '-) orr'/r' b' Alroz /.^ \ ./ - - \ c Arzo (&' r3)r ( 3' -Z) d. AlOz C / 7. Consider the reaction hydrogen sdlfide gas (H2S) and oxygen to produce sulfur dioxide gas (SOz) and water according to the balanced equation, 2 H2S (g) + 3 OzG)--- 2 SOz @\+Z HzO (4 All gas volumes are assumed to be measured under the same fixed conditions of temperatuie and pressure. How much HzS will be required
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Exam 1 pink answers - ExamI Pink Fall2005 1310 Chem. rr a m...

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