Chem51LB_lab1 - Dehydration of 2-Butanol and...

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Unformatted text preview: Dehydration of 2-Butanol and Dehydrobromination of 2-Bromobutane. In this experiment, butenes are produced through dehydration and dehydrobromination. In this experiment, both reactions were done to produce butenes and the results analyzed by gas chromatography (GC). GC analyzes compounds from a gas sample collected from a reaction tube. The gases collected are then injected into the collection tube of the GC and each separate compound is analyzed. Two different reaction tubes were set up, on using sulfuric acid to dehydrate 2-butanol in an E1 reaction and the other used basic potassium t-butoxide to dehydrobrominate 2- bromobutane to drive an E2 reaction. In both cases, the two reactants were placed in the tube and heated. Gas was collected in a collection tube that was submerged in water and when the gas bubbled out the reaction chamber, it would travel through Teflon tubing and the gas pressure would force the water out of the collection tube, eventually resulting in a full chamber...
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Chem51LB_lab1 - Dehydration of 2-Butanol and...

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