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REVISED_LS4-1_S08_SYLLABUS - LS4-1 Sylla bus S pring 2008...

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LS4-1 Syllabus – Spring 2008 Lecture: MWF 9:00-9:50 AM, La Kretz 110 Instructors: Dr Andrew Diener, Office LS 4227, [email protected] Office hours F 10-12 Dr John Merriam, Office LS 4309, [email protected] Office hours T 9-11 TA's: Satoru Miura, [email protected] Allen Avedian, [email protected] Melissa Lao, [email protected] Course material: Genetics, from Genes to Genomes, 3 rd edition, Hartwell, Hood et al. Interactive Genetics, CD-ROM and workbook Lecture slides on course web site, http://www.lsic.ucla.edu/classes/spring08/ Grading: Your grade will be determined on a curve, with a maximum of 470 pts. There will be assignments in most discussion sections (10 pts each), two midterms (100 pts) and a final (200 pts). The lowest or missed section score will be dropped. Discussion sections: This is a time to go over concepts, ask questions and do in-class assignments. There will be 70 points associated with section. You must attend the one you’re enrolled in or change with permission of TA. Assignments: Problems will be assigned from both the Interactive CD-ROM/Workbook and from the back of each chapter in your text. These will not be graded but will help you prepare for the exams.
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