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____ Key _________ _________________ _________________ Last name First name Student number Circle TA name Paula Wade John Andy Stacey 3rd Midterm Exam LS 4 Lecture 2 March 4, 2002 1. Replica plates with 4 different media with colonies from the same master were compared to determine the genotype of the colonies. Fill out the table with the genotype for each colony with + for wild type and – for mutant. Genotypes (+ or -) Arg bio gal 1 2 strain 3 4
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2. A Hfr strain with resistance to the drugs streptomycin, kanamycin, penicillin and ampicillin but sensitive to the drug chloramphenicol is crossed to an F- strain resistant of geneotype strep- kan-, pen-, amp- chlor+. After 30 minutes of conjugation, mating is disrupted and diluted bacterial samples are plated on master plates containing only chloramphenicol, and then replica plated onto plates containing the indicated antibiotic combinations and the number of resistant colonies is counted: Antibiotics added number resistant colonies chlor 3,008 chlor, strep 677 chlor, kan 180 chlor, pen 0 chlor, amp 483 a. What is the order of gene transfer? b. What is the purpose of adding chloramphenicol to the master plate? c. Why were no penicillin resistant recombinants observed? 3. Interrupted mating experiments using four Hfr strains derived from the same F+ strain are
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4.DOC - _Key _ Last name Circle TA name _ First name Paula...

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