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practice midterm 1 key - 1 Circle whether each statement is...

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1. Circle whether each statement is true or false. True False A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is caused by a nucleotide base substitution. True False When Mendel created monohybrid crosses between pure-breeding parents the phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation was always approximately 3:1. True False Human gametes are haploid. True False A dihybrid cross of pure-breeding parents will have a 9:3:3:1 phenotypic ratio in the F1 generation. True False If a pure line wheat plant with a colored kernel (genotype = AABB) is crossed to plant with white kernels (genotype = aabb) and the resulting F1 plants are selfed, The F2 kernels will be 15 colored :1 white. This could be caused by two redundant genes stimulating the same pathway. True False If a mother is homozygous for 6 repeats of a simple tandem repeat (STR) polymorphism and a father has 3 repeats of the same STR, PCR of their children's DNA for the STR will show up on a gel as a single 9-repeat band. True False Human ABO blood groups are an example of incomplete penetrance. True False Multiple genes that affect the same trait can create a wide range of intermediate phenotypes. True False If a normal mother and father each have a sibling who is affected by a rare recessive disorder, the probability that the couple's first child will be affected is 1/4. True False The population of a small island populated by several religious groups who do not intermarry is probably not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
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2. Parents F 1 F 2 Cross Phenotype Phenotype Phenotype 1 pink x purple purple 3 purple : 1 pink 2 pink x yellow pink 3 pink : 1 yellow 3 purple x yellow purple 3 purple : 1 yellow 4 lilac x yellow lilac 3 lilac : 1 yellow 5 lilac x pink purple 2 purple : 1 lilac : 1 pink 6 lilac x purple purple 3 purple : 1 lilac (a) Describe the relationship of alleles for the flower color gene(s) using the results of the above crosses: (Be sure to indicate what genotype gives each phenotype.) Dominance series: PURPLE (Pu) > LILAC (L) = PINK (Pi) > YELLOW (y) (b) What flower color could be used for a test cross. Plants with yellow flowers: yy (c) If the F 1 of crosses 1 and 5 are crossed, what ratio and colors are expected in the offspring? F1
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practice midterm 1 key - 1 Circle whether each statement is...

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