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LS4.1 Final Exam lt l(tq June g, 2oog student *^ " L'-* { un V Wed 3PM 3 Thurs gAM Thurs 11AM Thurs 1PM Discussion section (circle) Wed 1 1AM Wed 1PM 5 Total Tall plants with y llow flowers clossed with short plants with white flowers yield all F1 tall progeny with white flowsrs. Self cross of the F1 yields the following F2 progeny: 90 tall white, 30 short white, 30 tall yellow, 10 short yellow. 1 ) What numb r of the F2 progeny are expected to be pure-breeding if self-crossed? (a) 10 (b) 30 r@!o (d) 60 (e) 80 The couple lll-4 and lll-5 expect to have 3 children. rr ilI 2) What is the chance 2 of the 3 will have the rare autosomal recessive condition found in their families? (a) 1/64 (1.60/0) @staagtv"l (c) 9164 (14.1oh) (d\ 3t128 (2.3V.1 (el9t128 (7 .o%) Consider a population of cell phones that come in colors: yellow (Y), green (G), red (R) or blue (B). On Yx B couple had 1Y,3 G, 1 Rand 3 B progeny. OneGxGcouple hadOGand2Y progeny. OneRx G coupfe had 2 G, 2R,2Y and 2 B progeny. 3) What are the genotypes of the R x G couple? (al YG x RIB (b) VRx GtB (c) RrYy x GgBb (!) RrBb x GsYY l DrrGo x Rree 10 lf
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A pair of homologous chromosomes are distinguished from each other by a knob at the end of one chromosome. A cell with this pair is observed in division as shown below. 4) Which division is indicated? [email protected] anaPhase (6) meiosis anaPhase I (c) meiosis anaPhase ll (d) either meiosis anaphase I or meiosis anaphase ll (ei either mitosis anaphase or meiosis anaphase ll Pure-breeding female Drosophila with rcund dark eyes crossed to pure breeding males with narrow r6cl eyes give all daughters with nanow red eyes and all sons with round dark eyes' 5) What progeny do you predlct from a cross of pure-breeding females with narrow red eyes to pure breeding males with round dark eyes? ({all narrow datk eyes {!f all narrow red eyes (c) all round dark eyes idi all daughters with narrow red eyes and all sons with round dark eyes iei att Oaugnten with dark round eyes and all sons with nanow red eyes A test cross of genotype a +/ + b corn gave 20 percent + +/a b corn' 6) What % + +/+ + corn do you expect from a self cross of genotype a b/+ + corn? (a) 4o/o (b) 60lo 6)gY" (d\ 20o/" (e) 30% Marker c is 5 map units (mu) from D, and c is 10 mu from E CC DD ee is crossed to cc dd EE when the resulting Fr is test crossed, the frequency of cc dd oe prog ny is slightly l ss than 5 percent. 7) Which order of gene (inteNal distances) best fits the data? (a) c (5) D (5) E [email protected] c1sl a (c) E (10) D (5) c (d) D (5) E (10) c (e) E (5) c (10) D MarkerA is 10 mu from B, which is 20 mu from C. The gene order is A-&C. You test cross the A I C/ a b c hybrid and count 1000 ProgenY. 8) How many a b c gamete
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2008 S final key - LS4.1 FinalExam g June 2oogstudent*^...

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