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________________________________________ __________ Key __________ Section id # name LS4 Lec 2 Midterm 1, Tuesday, January 30, 2001 SHOW ALL YOUR WORK FOR FULL CREDIT ON EVERY PROBLEM 1. (15 pts) Cross A consists of pure breeding yellow wrinkled pea plants x green round pea plants. Cross B consists of the F1 of cross A x plants that are green and heterozygous for the round/wrinkled trait. Recall yellow and round are dominant traits. a) Use the Y, y and R, r symbols to write out the genotypes of cross A, including the F1. YYrr x yyRR Yy Rr b) Diagram a Punnet square showing cross B and its results. c) If you expect to harvest 1600 peas, predict the number for each phenotype. Yellow round 600 Yellow wrinkled 200 Green round 600 Green wrinkled 200
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(15 pts) Consider the pedigree of this family segregating a rare genetic disease. Recall the double line indicates marriage between relatives. a) Explain whether you think this is X linked or autosomal, and why. Autosomal, because the mutant allele has to transmit through II-2 and III-4, both males, in order to reach IV-2. b) Underneath each individual figure write the genotype for that individual. Use — for uncertainty. c) What is the chance IV-1 is a carrier for this trait? 1
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12001-LS420Midterm12028Key292020DO - Key Section id name...

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