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t / nu) Shane tection* total 20 pts t00 prs iii' what are the map distances for the two adjacent intervars? A I 6/-/q /e t t d eo 114-3 /o fo s' eo gt # 20 rn.e. - 6 s^ TFO /d m, tc. I B' This family is segregating both the x-linked recessive cororbrindness and hemophia disorders. Recenry it has :ffirt::y,ltj::if,,H1s"nJt are zo tm up.n. use this intirmation to esrimare lne senotype chances or rhe two ff O colo,(/,i{ h" ^opl'ilt< ,l,L 'tfir)E lffi#:'mother's genotype (below). what is the chance tiil is a carrier for hemophifia? (circte your Your llame Circle your TA name: Daphna LS 4.1 2nd lrfidterm l 2 20 pts student id# Lindsay May May 18, 2006 3 4 5 I A' The markers tt:YJtLfronze. (b:l ild striped (st) are-recessive genes in sweer rorn. The gene order is unknown. A tdhybrid was testcrossed with these resJrl-ilri "t r000 progeny) 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 55 65 t 0 20 9f , br, st + + + g l + + + bz, st i.What were parental genotypes of the trihybdd? ii. Which gene is in the middle? /X gl, bz + g0 + + s t g 0 gl + sr 330 + b z + 3 5 0 (assume purebreeding parents) to% 20% 40% 50% 69) What is the chance fane is llOT a carrier for hemophilia? ,fA ,*( + lo oT/+ /o l o a / , / o /) a* 4 c/o /o e 4/ e/o c+,lr / o A Show lanets motherrs genotype (below). (Circle your answer). c lr frc."4 il. tr" @ 40% so% so%
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5A. A dihybrid plant (heterozygous for gleen and wrinkled peas) was test-crossed with the results 95 green wrinkled, 104 ireen iound, 116 yellow wrinkled and 85 yellow round (400 total plogeny). i. lf the two genes
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exam_2_key_06 - Your llame Circle yourTAname Daphna LS4.1...

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