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midterm exam 1v7 KEY

midterm exam 1v7 KEY - LS4-1 GENETICS Discussion...

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LS4-1 GENETICS MIDTERM EXAM #1 October 23, 2008 Discussion Section: [A Mon 10am] [B Mon 4pm] [C Mon 2pm] (circle one) [D Tues 10am] [E Tues noon] [F Tues 2pm] POINTS: 1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5.________ 6._______ 7._______ 8._______ Total: ___________ Problem 1 (20 pts): Circle whether each statement is true or false. True False A genotype is a list of all the genes in an individual. True False A mutation always causes a recessive phenotype. True False The principle of segregation means that an individual cannot inherit the same allele from both parents. True False A testcross is a cross with a heterozygote. True False The principle of independent assortment means that alleles of different genes segregate independently. True False A cross of pure-breeding parents that yields a phenotype not shared with either parent is evidence of epistasis. True False If genotype bb is epistatic to A / a , a cross between AA bb and aa BB will result in complementation. True False Only one genotype is produced by a cross between pure-bred parents. True False In a Ww self cross, the probability of getting 2 W– and 2 ww in the F 2 is 4!/(2!2!). True False A molecular DNA marker identifies a carrier of rare genetic disease because the recessive allele is shorter than the dominant allele. True False Assuming a population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, if 1/1000 of people are affected by a recessive disorder, we expect that 1/500 of people are carriers of the disorder. True False A frameshift mutation, unlike a missense mutation, can be found outside of the protein coding sequence of genes. True False Phenotype reflects genotype inheritance with codominant alleles True False A dihybrid F 1 is formed by crossing two Aa (heterozygous) parents. True False If two events are mutually exclusive, you multiple the probabilities of the events to get the probability of realizing either event. True False A reciprocal cross can show that inheritance of an allele from mother is equivalent to inheritance of the same allele from father. True False A reverse mutation may restore a missense mutation to wild type but cannot revert a nonsense mutation back to wild type. True False In pedigrees affected by a rare recessive trait, consanguineous matings, or matings between relatives, are common. True False An allele can be dominant to another allele and recessive to a third allele. True False A carrier in each generation is typically observed in a pedigree affected by a rare dominant trait. True False Multiple alleles are common for simple tandem repeat markers and uncommon for single nucleotide polymorphisms. True False A genetic locus is a genome interval that includes as least one gene.
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Problem 2: (20 points) Suggestion: use Punnett square to analyze crosses (a) AA Bb x Aa Bb gives 3 yellow cats : 1 black cat aa Bb x gives 3 brown cats : 1 black cat What does x give?
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midterm exam 1v7 KEY - LS4-1 GENETICS Discussion...

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