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Answers to challenge problems Feb 4 1. 33 cM 2. Anne 2.5%, Julia 47.5% 3. a. From the left markers 1 2 1 A 1 2 1 2 come to mother from her father; haplotype also present in husband and in children 2, 3 and 4 b. child 3 has cf and allele C 2 111, represents a change in phase between the H2 and W30 markers c. to the left of the crossover, so in the H2-W30 interval or further to the left. d. the unaffected child 2 is a carrier. Feb 18 The rearrangement called for is an inversion of chromosome 5 with structure 5 qter B’C’D’CENTROMERE E’F’G’H’I’J’K’L’A’5pter (note changes in p and q ter and in location A). A crossover inside the inverted region and a copy of the normal chromosome 5 will yield a product with the constitution 5qter B’C’D’CEN E’ F’GHIJKL5qter. The crossover point (could be anywhere) is here indicated by the change from F’ to G. This product is deficient for one end of the inverted chromosome and is duplicated for the other end of the normal chromosome.
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Answers%20to%20challenge%20problems - Answers to challenge...

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