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Challenge problem 1 (linkage)-1

Challenge problem 1 (linkage)-1 - vision their first child...

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Challenge problem 1 (linkage) Refer to fig 5.24. If all 6 types of ordered asci shown in the figure are equally frequent, what is the map distance between the marker a and the centromere? Challenge problem 2 Neutral markers can used in pedigrees to predict the genotype of more severe disorders. An example is red green colorblindness, X linked, which is known to be linked to hemophilia by 5 cM. In a family a colorblind man is married to a woman with color
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Unformatted text preview: vision; their first child is a hemophilic son with color vision and their second child is a daughter with color vision. The daughter subsequently marries a man with colorblindness. They have two daughters, one with color vision (Anne) and one with colorblindness (Julia). What are the respective chances for Anne and Julia to be a carrier for hemophilia?...
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