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Challenge problem 1 rII mutants On Monday morning you discover a new rII mutant (large plaques on bacterial lawn) on a plate from the weekend. You decide to see if it is something new. a. Monday AM, set up a cross to determine if the mutant is in either of the hotspots in fig 9.25. What cross(es) are set up for this purpose? b. Monday afternoon, you decide the mutant is not in either hotspot. What data convince you of that? c. Monday afternoon you set up the first of sequential crosses to determine the location of the mutant. First up are the crosses to the red deletions in fig 9.23, with results determined Monday evening (+ = production of + + recombinant progeny) Red deletions 1272
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Unformatted text preview: 1241 J3 PT1 PB242 A105 638 - - - - - - + Monday evening make crosses to blue deletions with ends in the presumed segment indicated by the results from the red deletions. Blue deletions H88 PT8 154 - + + Tuesday AM read results and make crosses to existing mapped rII mutants within this sub-segment (fig 9.25) plus the closest mutants in the two flanking sub-segments. Tues afternoon: The results are shown in map distances for the closest sub-segment markers (X) to the new mutant as well as the flanking markers (W, Y). W9 X1 X8 Y1 0.02 0.000001 0.000001 0.002 What is the map location of the new mutant? How specific can you be? What is the minimum unit in this map (fig 9.25)?...
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