forensic DNA Monday may 12

1112 fig 9161 fig 9162 fig 9163 fig 9164 codis

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Unformatted text preview: CODIS = Combined DNA Index System. Current FBI list of 13 multiallele STR loci used for identification. The key is each STR has only 1 chromosome locus but many alleles. An STR profile (for an individual), created using the PowerPlexKit (Promega Corp.) This kit amplifies all PowerPlexKit (Promega 13 core STR loci, as well as 2 extra loci (Penta E and D) (Penta and a locus (Amelogenin) that indicates the presence of (Amelogenin) either an A or a Y chromosome in the DNA sample. Most loci in this profile are heterozygous; however, 3 loci (D3S1358, D5S818 and FGA) appear to be homozygous. Primers in this reaction were labeled with blue, green or yellow fluorescent dyes, allowing simultaneous amplification of all 16 loci and simultaneous capillary electrophoresis of all loci. The numbers in boxes below each peak indicate the allele (15 repeats, 6 repeats, etc). Advantage of FBI list over multilocus probes: Example of calculating probability of match. Pages 780-781 How improved technology of DNA analysis helped identify victims of 9/11 In the WTC project, combined information from CODIS markers and SNP analysis more powerful than either method alone. Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Single base-pair substit...
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