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Ecen-248 HW1 - like to construct a logic netlist with a...

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EE 248: Assignment #1 1. a)Write down the truth table for a Boolean function f with 4 inputs x 1 , x 2 , x 3 and x 4 . The function f has a value 1 whenever an even number of inputs have a value 1 . b)Based on the gates we discussed in class, what type of gate does f represent? It’s a 4-input XNOR gate!! 2. I want to schedule a meeting among 6 individuals Alice, Brian, Charles, David, Elise and Frank. The meeting must be scheduled so that the following rules are satisfied: _ Exactly one of Alice and Brian must be in the meeting. _ Charles and David must be present in the meeting together. If Charles is not available, David and Frank must be in the meeting together. However, all three of Charles, David and Frank must not be present. _ Elise is the manager of the group, so she must be present in the meeting. Each of the 6 team members indicates to me their availability for the meeting. I would
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Unformatted text preview: like to construct a logic netlist with a single output g , such that g is equal to 1 whenever the meeting can be scheduled. (a) List the Boolean variables that you will need for the netlist. How about A B C D E F for them? (b) Write down what both values of each variable indicate. A = 1 when Alice is present 0 if she is not. Similarly for others (c) Draw the logic netlist using the gate types we discussed in class. (A XOR B ) (CD XOR DF) E <- DRAW THE DIGRAM FOR THIS. . (d) Write down the netlist as a set of logic equations. (A XOR B ) (CD XOR DF) E 3. Draw a circuit which uses switches, with a lightbulb as an output (like the ones in the lecture notes). The lightbulb should be lit up when either 1 or 3 of the inputs have a value of 1 . It should be turned off at all other times. The three inputs to the circuit are x 1 , x 2 and x 3 ....
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