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EE 248: Assignment #3 1. Consider a three variable function f = Σ m(1,2,4,7) (a) draw a Boolean cube diagram of the function f (b) show, on the diagram, minimal SOP expression of f (c) draw another Boolean cube and show minimum POS expression of f (d) draw a circuit diagram of f using minimum number of gates 2. Consider a Boolean function f on four variables. We are given a SOP expression for f , which we would like to manipulate. Let f = ab’d’ + acd + a’b’d + a’bcd + a’bcd’ . (a) Construct the K-map for f . (b) From the K-map, write the canonical SOP expression for f . (c) From the K-map, write the canonical POS expression for f . (d) Write down the minimum SOP expression for f , using the K-map as a guide. (e) Suppose the number of minterms in part b) is p , and the number of maxterms in part c) is
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