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Ecen 248 Supplementary Prob2

Ecen 248 Supplementary Prob2 - are received go to reset...

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Supplementary problem set 2 1. Design a sequence detector that detects a. .1111 or 0000 b. .101010101010101010 c. .000 or .001 or .010 or .011 or .100 or .101 or .110 d. 2. Design an arbitrary counter that counts the following sequence a. 000,001..101,111,110 (repeat) b. 0000,..,1000 3. Design a vending machine that accepts nickels and dimes and provide 20 cent gum sticks and, may be a change. 4. Design the above vending machine that cheats every other customer (when 20cents
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Unformatted text preview: are received, go to reset state w/o output) 5. Design a serial comparator that compares 3 serial inputs (16-bits/clock-ticks long each) and generates X,Y, Z outputs where X = 1 when X is greater than Y or Z. Similarly for Y and Z. 6. Design a J/K FF using XYFF given in the assignment #9 7. Design a WZ FF using J/K FF...
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