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ENG 214 essay assignment One

ENG 214 essay assignment One - spelling punctuation and...

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ENG 214 – ESSAY ASSIGNMENT NUMBER ONE General Guidelines: 1. Essays must address the question substantially and in detail. Simply rehashing the plot at length is NOT discussing the question, though you will want at point to summarize aspects of the novel as evidence for some point you are making. 2. Essays must be at least 1500 words in length. Essays that do not meet the minimum length will be returned ungraded, and you will have only one opportunity for revision. 3. Essays must be carefully organized around answering the assigned question. 4. Your essay must be divided appropriately into paragraphs. 5. Your essay should quote appropriately from the text of the novel, but no quotation should exceed 30 words, nor should quoted material in total exceed 150 words. 6. Essays must conform to acceptable standards of good writing, including proper
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Unformatted text preview: spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. 7. Submit your essay as an electronic file in Word attached to an email. 8. Late submissions will be returned unread. You may “rewrite” such a submission, but the maximum grade for the assignment will be a B (1-5 days late) or C (5-10 days late). Essays submitted later than 10 days after the assigned date will receive the grade of F. Essay Question #1 “ American Pastoral traces the upward climb, but then swift descent of American society in the decades following the end of World War II. Swede Levov’s life recapitulates that rise and decline in microcosm, especially in terms of his relationship with his wife and daughter and his management of the family business.” Agree or disagree—and discuss....
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