Study Sheet Number One- The Talented Mr. Ripley

Study Sheet Number One- The Talented Mr. Ripley - Tom is a...

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Study Sheet Number One – The Talented Mr. Ripley 1. This novel is one of a group of novels featuring the same main character. Together these novels are known as the Ripliad. For details see the following website . Patricia Highsmith is a famous writer of psychological thrillers, generally thought to be a man’s genre. Check out her other works, including the famous STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (made into the famous Hitchcock film). See . 2. As a writer Highsmith concerns herself with questions of morality and sexuality. Pay attention to the way she orchestrates the relationship between Tom and Dickie, on the one hand, and the relationship of the two men with women, especially Marge Sherwood. 3. From whose point of view is the novel narrated? What kind of narration is it? If
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Unformatted text preview: Tom is a sympathetic character, how does Highsmith achieve this effect? Is it because he is charming? How does he achieve this quality? 4. In what ways is the book about social class (rather in the way that BLACK GIRL/ WHITE GIRL is). In what sense if Tom a social climber? What qualities enable him to fit in and eventually assume the identity of someone in the class above him? 5. What is Highsmith’s attitude toward the rich Americans who make Europe their playground? Is Tom more interested in making a life for himself than Dickie? Why does Marge find Tom attractive? Why do other women? Please begin reading the novel, with a view toward finishing it by Friday. You should read the first 100 pages or so by Wednesday morning....
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